Find peace of mind with our 10 Year Rental Guarantee

Property investment is an exciting journey that can lead to significant wealth. However, as many know, the property market in Australia is an ever-changing landscape that can be difficult to navigate. But given the right tools and guidance, this aspiration can come to life.

What is a Rental Guarantee?

A rental guarantee is one of the most important tools property investors can have in their belt. But not all rental guarantees are the same.

Beware of the “Rental Guarantee” that is part of the sale. If your rental guarantee is supplied by the builder, developer or the selling party of the property, then it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Many of these guarantees are not rock solid and if any of these parties go broke, or close down the company that backs the guarantee, then you will be left with no cover at all.

Risk management begins before tenants even sign the lease or walk through the door. A true rental guarantee gives investors security against vacant property or tenants who have stopped paying rent all together.

It directly protects the landlord, by supplying continual cash flow even when there is no tenant at all. This is the peace of mind that all property investors need to have.

How our 10 Year Rental Guarantee works:

Our 10 Year Rental Guarantee is a unique product – it’s not like any other on the market as it gives you an insurance backed guarantee that you will receive your rental income every day, week, month and year for the next 10 years.

Our rental guarantee is simple, and great value for money, when compared to the cost of losing a tenant for just 1 week, our guarantee keeps your cash flow coming in, even when the property is vacant.

Get peace of mind with our 10 Year Rental Guarantee

With our 10 Year Rental Guarantee, you can invest in property with constant cash flow. You can be sure that you have a tenant every day of every week, every month and year for the next 10 years.

Interested in learning more about the details of the 10 Year Rental Guarantee? Contact our team at the PIStore and let’s get you covered today.