Finding the Right Investment Property for your situation

Anyone can find and buy an investment property. But it’s a lot harder than you think.
When most people look to purchase an investment property they will often buy with their heart, or buy with the desire for them or a loved one to move into it one day, or buy because they know the area, or buy because they think it will make them money.
Sadly these strategies are fraught with danger.

When buying an investment property, you are effectively buying a small business, and when buying a small business the most important thing to look at is Cash Flow. Without it, you won’t be in business long, and an investment property without cash flow is going to cost you money. Sometimes money you don’t have. So, if you don’t have the cash flow, then you will have to sell the property and often this will mean you have to sell at a lower price than you would like, and like some people we have seen, at a substantial loss…!!!!

There are only a few things that you have to make sure you get right at the front end of purchasing an investment property, and if you take a short cut on any of these, then you will have problems.

We believe there are 3 key factors when looking for an investment property.



Government Spending

Population Growth

By using these 3 key factors, we know what needs to be done to set up a sound, financially strong investment strategy, as we base our recommendations on YOUR numbers, and what you can afford to purchase.

We also look at the “What If’s” and look at things like interest rate variations, and potential changes in your personal cash flow situation, both of which can have a dramatic effect on your investment strategy.

All of this will enable us to source & tailor an investment strategy to suit your income, lifestyle and growth opportunities while optimising your cash flow.

Another very important factor to consider is your rental income, and with our 10 Year Rental Guarantee you will have peace of mind to know you have rental income coming in every day, week, month and year for the next 10 years.