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Did you know that currently 14% of the Australian population are on the disability pension and over 29,000 Australians are in need of suitable disability accommodation and are currently living in homes that are unsuitable for their needs, with over 6,000 of them, under the age of 40, living in nursing homes?

That’s why the Australian Government has asked all Australians to help, by investing in a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) compliant home under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

These homes are purpose-built to look after the needs of people with different levels of disability and in many cases will be their “Forever Home”.

To encourage investors, the Australian Government is providing an exceptional government-backed rental return that is between 10–15% gross p.a. So, for example, a regular investment property valued at $676,000 would normally receive around $600p.w., which is a 4.6% gross return, whereas the same $676,000 property as an NDIS SDA approved home, would receive $1,748 p.w. once fully tenanted, which is a 13.5% return.

Further details below outline why the government has invested special funding to make it easier for property investors to participate and enjoy these exceptional returns.

In times like these, you simply can’t afford not to investigate one of the most rock-solid bricks and mortar investments you’ll find anywhere in Australia.

Talk to us and we’ll show you real numbers, for real NDIS homes, available right now.

Wouldn’t you want to help a person with a disability find their Forever Home?



The Australian Government has provided over $25 Billion p.a. until 2036 to fund the NDIS SDA scheme:

  • People with a disability once approved for SDA can access compliant homes built to NDIS SDA specifications.
  • The Property Investment Store provides Fixed Price SDA approved House and Land packages. Our homes feature full Ducted Air Conditioning, Smart Home Technology and are built fully compliant to all NDIS SDA requirements.
  • Your Tenant’s rent is subsidised by the Federal Government through the NDIS.
  • You get returns on average of 10-15% per annum and you are investing in peoples lives as well as an investment property.


The Federal Government, via the $25 Billion National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) program have currently committed $700m annually for the 20 years of the NDIS scheme. Through directing substantial ‘rental assistance’ to compensate ‘SDA investors’ who specifically invest in compliant homes to increase suitable housing supply.

Your tenant’s rent is subsidised by the Federal Government for the 20 years of the NDIS scheme.

With rental returns set by the NDIS, not the local markets, rental returns can be between $89,900 and $129,000 per year.

Here’s a current REAL example to help make things clearer: 

  • $101,473 rent per annum
  • $1951.40 rent per week
  • 14.92% gross yield
  • On a $680,000 purchase price Dual Key NDIS approved home.

These remarkable returns are available because we specially design homes for people with disabilities – and secure NDIS approval.


  • $300,000 in available equity on your home/other property or $300,000 in cash/savings
  • Good credit history and have full-time employment*
  • One of our NDIS Specialists can look after you with your Finance, Legals and Advice regarding a structure that suits you.


One of the most common questions we get asked is how can these kinds of returns be possible with only a $300,000 deposit?  The answer is that this scheme is Government-backed – and aims to achieve a specific goal to get people with a disability into a home that suits their needs. This saves the Government a fortune as they are currently paying upwards of $500,000 p.a. to keep one person with a disability in hospital as they don’t have any suitable accommodation to house them. 

  • Rental yields from 10% to 15%.*
  • The purchase price for full turn-key SDA approved House and Land packages start from as low as $650,000, That’s less than some traditional 4-bed investments in certain locations.*
  • Are there tenants waiting?  Yes, but unlike a regular investment property, the process for securing an SDA approved tenant does take longer.
  • How long do the tenants stay? Many SDA approved Tenant will stay for life as they have never had suitable accommodation or had an opportunity to call a home their Forever Home.


For over 14 years, the Property Investment Store has specialized in sourcing quality investment property for Clients throughout Australia. Over the last 4 years, we have worked to create the best NDIS SDA properties available. We source suitable land, design our homes and consult with top-tier builders to guide them through the build process, creating a beautiful home, that is also fully compliant to all NDIS SDA requirements. 

Once completed, our partner company, SDA Management Australia, will look after your ongoing NDIS SDA needs. As a fully authorized NDIS Service provider, SDAMA will take care of the 3 main elements of your ongoing ownership of your new NDIS SDA property – Property Enrollment, Tenant Sourcing and Ongoing Property Management.

Property Enrollment

SDAMA, as an authorized NDIS SDA Service Provider, will lodge all necessary paperwork with the NDIA in order to gain SDA approval for your home. Without this approval, you will not be able to secure an SDA approved Tenant.

Tenant Sourcing

SDAMA’s many relationships with Care Organisations, Support Co-Ordinators and SIL’s will enable them to secure a suitable tenant for your property. These relationships are key to locating Tenants in need of homes built to suit their needs. Of course, it is still up to a Tenant to like your property, but with the quality of our homes, we don’t meet many that don’t.

Ongoing Property Management

Once a suitable Tenant has moved into your home, Our experienced team at SDAMA will then look after your ongoing Property Management. From maintenance issues to liaising with the Tenant’s care provider, your home will be in good hands.

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