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Recap of Our Investor’s Trip to Darwin

We are thrilled to share with you a recap of the unforgettable investor’s trip to Darwin, organized by Property Investment Store in mid-July. It was an incredible 36-hour journey that allowed us to explore the remarkable investment opportunities that Darwin has to offer.

The trip began with all of us arriving in Darwin on a Wednesday afternoon. We had the pleasure of spending quality time together at the Darwin waterfront restaurants, where we got to know each other better and set the stage for an exciting adventure.

Early Thursday morning, we embarked on a thrilling helicopter ride to witness the captivating sunrise from above. With two choppers at our disposal, our head builder from the Northern Territory provided valuable commentary on the rapid development in the area, including government and military infrastructure projects that are shaping Darwin’s future. 

After the awe-inspiring helicopter flight, we indulged in a delightful lunch at The Cool Spot in Fannie Bay. Following this, we set out on an exploration of the areas currently under development around Palmerston, all while comfortably seated in our minibus, accompanied by our knowledgeable builder, Philip. This one-on-one experience allowed our clients to ask questions and gain deeper insights into the projects.

Some fortunate clients who had already made purchases got to stand on their blocks and witness construction work in progress. Philip led us on a tour of a half-completed home and a fully finished one, leaving everyone marveling at the size and potential of their properties. It was a realization that their purchased homes were over 220 m², making the 160 m² homes under construction an excellent investment opportunity.

As the day progressed, we returned to the waterfront for a scrumptious lunch at Cross Stations, savoring the flavors of local produce and fresh seafood. Our guests had a few hours of free time, exploring various attractions, such as the old bunker tunnels, the Royal Flying Doctors Museum, and indulging in leisure at the waterfront.

For dinner, we gathered at the main indoor markets, where a delightful array of international flavors captivated our taste buds. We enjoyed a glorious sunset at Orman Indoor Beach before indulging in some retail therapy, picking up souvenirs and handmade goods at the markets. The evening was concluded with a relaxing time at the waterfront pier, where we savored the sight of local gropers and trevally swimming around the bottom of the pier while sharing a beer.

After an eventful and fulfilling day, everyone enjoyed a great night’s sleep before heading to the airport on Friday morning. Our clients even had the opportunity for a stopover in Alice Springs, where they relished lunch upon arrival. The feedback from our clients, investors, and property strategists has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their astonishment at the incredible developments happening in Darwin. This firsthand experience has undoubtedly solidified the belief in the city’s potential for future growth.

“Just wanted to touch base with you and say how fantastic our trip was last week.  We had such an amazing experience and you guys were so much fun and made us feel comfortable.  We are lucky to be on this roller coaster with you all! Spending time with our builder Phil, cemented our decision to work with your professional team, his knowledge is invaluable.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Shaun & Nicole Crocker

A highlight that everyone appreciated was the one-on-one time with their builder and property investing expert, Anthony Soole. The casual environment fostered productive discussions, generated innovative ideas, and deepened everyone’s knowledge about property investing.

Considering the overwhelming success of this trip, we are excited to announce that we are already planning another journey to Darwin. We firmly believe that this experience is invaluable for the right investor, and we don’t want anyone to miss out. If you are interested in joining us on the next Darwin tour or exploring investment opportunities in any other areas, please register your interest on our waitlist by clicking on the button below. Rest assured, we will keep you informed about all upcoming tours and investment prospects.